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Floral Arrangements and Centerpieces

Floral arrangements and centerpieces featuring beautiful seasonal flowers from Elaine's Florist and Gift Baskets in Houston are a wonderful way to add a finishing touch to your summer get-together; as a gift; or simply to brighten your home, apartment or office.

The creative floral designers at Elaine's will carefully and artistically select an assortment of seasonal flowers such as such as Sunflowers, Carnations, Roses, Zinnias, Celosia (cockscomb), Dahlias (a native of the Mexican mountains), Foxgloves and others, then combine them with a complementary balanced assortment of foliage such as Heuchera, Moss and/or Ivy to create a unique, long lasting centerpiece or table runner.

German pins, similar to bobby or hair pins and often used to attach ribbons to floral arrangements especially if being displayed vertically, are used to artistically attach the flowers and foliage to hidden moisture-holding floral foam (the bluish green foam you may have seen before) set in a watertight tray so it's safe to place on your table. Not only does anchoring the flowers and foliage hold everything in place, the foam which should be topped off daily with fresh water, helps extend the life of your arrangement's flowers.

Our designers build custom floral arrangements and centerpieces featuring beautiful seasonal flowers in layers starting first with the base of foliage then adding flowers such as seasonal Gladiolas (attractive because they have multiple blossoms on each stem and can be trimmed to vary the number displayed) placed horizontally.

This layering process of adding the perfect combination of trimmed flowers, arranged harmoniously, continues but before completion our floral designers will determine if your centerpiece has good lines, form, textures, size (both the horizontal length of the piece as well as the height - we don't want a table floral arrangement to block views across the table, no matter how beautiful), colors, patterns and equally important, fragrance.

You or someone you know deserves Houston floral arrangements and centerpieces featuring beautiful seasonal flowers and we'd love to create one for you! Contact us or call 713-661-6788.

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Before each bouquet leaves Elaine's Florist and Gift Baskets the stems are placed in water that is treated with a unique "flower food" that nourishes the flowers and at the same time kills malignant bacteria to help keep them fresher, longer. And delivery for centerpieces is available too.