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Designing a Spring Flower Arrangement

Spring has finally sprung! After a long winter, some color is definitely welcome in your home.

Whether your floral arrangement is placed at the entryway or on the dining room table, spring flowers are a surefire way to freshen and brighten a room.

Below are the basic steps you need to make a flower arrangement for your home!

Picking your Flowers
No matter what color scheme you are going for, almost all flower arrangements use three elements: the main flowers, accent flowers, and a green plant element. The main flowers usually have large blooms and are the most central elements of the floral arrangements. Accent flowers tend to be smaller and are great for filling in gaps in the arrangement and adding color to the scheme. Finally, pick a green, leafy plant to help create the shape of the arrangement and also add accents. The color of the flowers set the mood and tone of the arrangement.
Selecting the Container
There are three considerations when deciding on a container: the color and theme of the flower arrangement, location of the arrangement, and the desired lifespan of the floral arrangement. Naturally, you would like the color of the container to work well with the floral arrangement.
Where you place the flower arrangement determines what container is best to use. Shorter arrangements are preferred for dining room tables, whereas tall arrangements are best for end tables and corners; baskets or a short vase is best for short arrangements and tall vases for long flower arrangements. Tall vases are also preferred and are able to hold water more efficiently than baskets or small vases if you would like your flowers to last longer.
Arranging your Flowers
The way the flowers are arranged depends on the container. Shallow and oddly shaped containers are not good for holding flowers in a specific position. To arrange flowers in these kinds of containers, flower foam is needed. Vases are better at holding flowers and keeping them in place.
Remember though, this is your flower arrangement! Keep playing with it until you are happy with the design and feel of the final look.

Professionally Arranged Flowers

Designing flower arrangements requires a bit of know-how and a practice. For important events, it can sometimes be easier to hire a professional to design and create your arrangements.

Elaine's flower shop has a team of accomplished florists who can create flower arrangements for any occasion, including weddings, receptions, memorials, funerals, birthdays and many more.

For fresh flowers in a perfect arrangement Houston trusts Elaine's Florist. To place an order, or for questions about our flowers or delivery service, call 713 661-6788.