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The Advantages of a Houston Florist over an Internet Florist

People who are looking for a floral arrangement may be tempted to use an Internet florist over a local Houston florist when they are in a hurry. However, these customers should not be fooled into thinking that these virtual florists are any faster, cheaper or more convenient than Houston florists; particularly those customers who are willing to take the time to actually investigate the difference between the two.

With a local florist, you are sure to get more personalized service than you may from an Internet company; further, it may in fact be faster to order your arrangement from a florist that is located right in Houston and will be pleased to take your order over the telephone. The quality of personal customer service you are able to receive from a local Houston florist is simply unmatched by national Internet chains, which means if you need to make a change to your order you will find it is much easier to do so without the hassle of long-distance salespeople. Further, Internet sites can only give their customers a rough estimate of what florists actually have in their inventory, because each business is independently operated. This uncertainty is the reason why these sites have disclaimers that state “possible substitutions” for your chosen arrangement. Local Houston florists, on the other hand, will be able to show you the actual inventory they have on hand.

Any professional florist will tell you that clients will not only get better service, but also better value, by dealing directly with a real florist rather than a national marketer. These marketers charge fees to process each order before passing it on to a florist to fill. Most customers don’t realize that that the actual florist filling your order will only receive a percentage of what you paid for the arrangement, since they usually keep 20% of the order total. This means that floral customers may pay $75 for their arrangement, only to discover that the flowers that were delivered were only worth $6.50. Calling a florist directly allows you to place your order right at the source, eliminating the middle man. It is easier to make sure that you get the arrangement you want when you talk to one of these floral professionals—who know much more than a call center employee who has to rely on pictures of generic arrangements. You have the ability to discuss your preferences in detail until you reach an agreement that is to your satisfaction.

Elaine’s Florist has been a trusted Houston florist for over 30 years, and we pride ourselves in superior customer service as well as high quality, long-lasting flowers and gift baskets. Let our professional staff help you design an arrangement that is ideal for your occasion by calling us at 713-661-6788.