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Your Local Houston Florist: Internet Sellers Cannot Compare to Personalized Service for Houston Flowers

We've all seen the television and Internet advertisements: "Order your Houston flowers from our easy website and leave the rest to us! You don't need a local Houston florist when you can order with the click of a button instead!" Web florists can promise their customers almost anything, from rock-bottom prices to guaranteed on-time delivery; because most of their Houston clients never actually see their gift basket arrangements. Instead, customers have to trust that the picture of the flowers or baskets on their computer screen is actually what the florist will deliver.

The fact is that a local Houston florist is simply better able to please their customers and is more likely to create the perfect floral arrangement or gift basket. Speaking directly with a local, experienced florist will result in:

  • A uniquely crafted arrangement: Most Internet florists have a generic arrangement for various price ranges. For example, the $40-$50 range may have the same types of flowers or candies, which may be very similar to cheaper or more expensive baskets-perhaps only including a larger or smaller number of any particular flower. Local florists, on the other hand, allow you to be specific about what type of arrangement you want. If your mother's favorite flower is the sunflower, you can request that the arrangement center around that flower rather than the more typical rose arrangement, for example.
  • Personal customer service: There is almost nothing more irritating than being placed on hold or speaking with an answering service rather than the actual florist-which is what often happens when you use a distant, Internet florist. Most smaller, local florists are more than happy to speak with you about your order and will continue to work with you until they have the exact gift basket or flowers that you envision.
  • The freshest flowers and gift basket items: When you purchase your arrangement from a florist that is based in Houston, you don't have to be concerned that the flowers will be wilted or dry by the time they are delivered. Everything is local, so no matter where in Houston they are delivered, your flowers will be fresh, colorful and smelling wonderful.
  • The creation of a shared relationship that is invaluable for future orders: Why bother with trying to introduce yourself and your tastes to the florist every time you want to place an order? By ordering locally, you can build a business relationship that will continue to develop and grow with every order you place. Before you know it, your local florist will be able to create the perfect basket or floral arrangement for you the minute you tell them who you are!

For over 30 years, Elaine's Florist has been serving the Greater Houston Area and delivering the absolute best in Houston flowers and gift baskets. We pride ourselves in our growth into one of Houston's most respected florists, and we have received numerous accolades for our quality products and customer service. Let us become your Houston florist for any occasion or celebration-call us today at 713-661-6788.