About Elaine

Elaine Oulsey-Nevarez has always been a lover of flowers. That passion for Mother Nature's bewitching bouquets has inspired Elaine to become one of Houston's most elite, sought-after and respected florists and businesswomen. She honed her business savvy in the corporate world prior to opening her business in 1992. When she found her department transferred to Dallas, Elaine felt it was time to putdown roots and stay in the city she loved, Houston. In June of 1992, Elaine's Florist officially blossomed into life. With a team of experienced and passionate designers, Elaine's Florist has become one of the city's foremost floral businesses, producing beautiful, long-lasting arrangements. Elaine is certified by the State of Texas as a "Woman Owned Business" and was also nominated as "Woman Business Entrepreneur of the Year" for 1999 and 2001.

Houston Gift Baskets from Elaine’s Florist

It can be difficult to find the perfect gift, whether it’s for a longtime partner or a new coworker. With a wealth of options, and the ever-present challenge of determining someone’s likes and dislikes (especially when that person seems to have everything), it can be tempting to give into an old standby like a gift card or a simple box of grocery store chocolates. Turn your gift-giving game up a notch with Houston gift baskets from Elaine’s Florist and gift baskets.

Wide Variety

Gift baskets are the perfect present option for many reasons – first of all, they contain numerous items, so it’s really like unwrapping many gifts in one. Secondly, the quality of products that Elaine’s fills our gift baskets with far exceeds the quality of what you find in many stores. We use products from local artisans wherever possible, including salsas and candies from small businesses here in Texas.

Our Houston gift baskets are versatile as well – they can be designed for a professional gift, like for a boss or a work friend, or be tailor-made to be something incredibly personal, like welcoming a new baby into the world, or serving as the perfect anniversary surprise.

Handcrafted Perfection

The artisans at Elaine’s hand-make each gift basket, and can customize your order to make sure that it perfectly represents the tastes of the gift recipient. Elaine, the owner, and a top Houston businesswoman, personally curates the selection of products that go in our gift baskets, to make sure that they meet our exacting standards.

Order online at www.elainesflorist.com, or call us today at 713-661-6788.