Special Flower Meanings with Top Houston Florist

There’s nothing quite like a bouquet of beautiful flowers to brighten up anyone’s day – and when the flowers themselves are imbued with special meaning, so much the better! Elaine’s Florist, a top Houston florist for many years, offers a wide variety of different flowers, each surrounded by their own myths and traditions. Discover your new favorite bloom today, and help match the perfect flower to the perfect situation:

Roses – as one of the most popular flower varieties, roses are the much-loved king of the flower world. Red roses are the traditional way to express affection, and even undying love. Romantic Houston flowers like red roses are perfect anniversary gifts and date-night bouquets. Pink roses symbolize gratitude, while white roses are appropriate for weddings and spiritual ceremonies, as they are traditionally associated with marriage and new beginnings. Elaine’s Florist offers many beautiful colors of roses, arranged in baskets or bouquets according to your specifications!

Lilies – white stargazer lilies are a gorgeous way to indicate love and purity. They are perfect for weddings or romantic occasions. Pink lilies are a popular flower, and are often used to symbolize wealth and prosperity – an excellent selection for corporate events, business lunches, or family gatherings. There is nothing more beautiful than a basket of lilies in the center of the table, chosen and arranged by the very best Houston florist!

Sunflowers – the cheerful sunflower is resilient and beautiful. In its native environment in a meadow or green valley, it is equally as beautiful when gathered and arranged in a bright and vibrant flower arrangement. Sunflowers represent longevity and loyalty, and as your Houston florist will tell you, are one of the most popular and loved flowers in the U.S!

Carnations – Commonly used in the lapel or worn on the wrist for a formal occasion, carnations are bright, beautiful, and sweetly scented. White carnations are a popular symbol of good luck as well as pure love, and thus often worn at weddings, while red carnations symbolize admiration. In addition, dark red carnations can symbolize deep romantic love. Talk to the very best florist in Houston, Elaine’s Florist, about selecting the ideal carnation for your special occasion!

These are only a few of the many flower varieties that Elaine’s Florist offers. Design your perfect arrangement, or choose one of their thoughtfully prepared gift baskets today. With flower delivery in Houston available around the entire city, Elaine’s is the best choice for fresh, long-lasting, artfully arranged flowers. Contact the top Houston florist today at 713-661-6788, and visit the website at www.elainesflorist.com.