Why Houston Flowers Can Help the Grieving Process

As a proud member of the Texas State Florists’ Association, Elaine’s Florist & Gift Baskets is part of an initiative that encourages the use of Houston flowers to help with the mourning process. This initiative began when local flower shops began to notice the growing trend of adding the “in lieu of flowers” request on funeral invitations. We believe that the language should be changed to read “in addition to flowers” because flowers can be an extremely therapeutic outlet for those who are grieving. To learn more about the initiative, please call our Houston flower shop at (713) 661-6788.

Why “In Lieu Of Flowers” is Not Preferable

When someone passes, loved ones want to make sure they carry out that person’s last wishes. Oftentimes, this means asking those who attend to the funeral service to donate to an association or religious organization. While this is an excellent way to honor those who have passed, it can be difficult for those who are left grieving.

Flowers are a wonderful gesture during when someone has passed away because they are a sign of support and hope. A flower arrangement can be taken home or brought to the resting place of the deceased, demonstrating how much this person was loved throughout their life. We believe that bringing flowers in addition to whatever item or donation was requested is the best way to honor those who passed while supporting those who are suffering.

Houston Flowers to Celebrate Life

TSFA directed a video to illustrate the power of flowers during these dark times.

For more information about Houston flowers and our sympathy flower initiative, please visit Elaine’s Florist at http://www.elainesflorist.com/.