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Elaine's Florist and Gift Baskets is the ideal location for prom flowers in Houston!Elaine’s Florist and Gift Baskets offers prom flowers in Houston, TX. March marks the beginning of prom season, and it is the time where students plan their prom invitations and start shopping for tuxedos, dresses, and corsages. At Elaine’s Florist, prom season is a fun time because it allows us to use our creativity to create the ideal corsage for your date.

The meaning of the corsage

The word “corsage” is French and refers to the bodice of a woman’s dress. The modern use of the term corsage comes from the French calling the bouquet of flowers attached to a woman’s dress a “bouquet de corsage”.

Corsages will make your prom date feel appreciated

Let your prom date feel extra special with a corsage. Giving a corsage to your date symbolises honor towards your prom date. Even if you and your date are on platonic terms, giving them a corsage will let them feel appreciated and valued. Corsages are one of the timeless prom traditions that will help you both make delightful memories.

How to choose the ideal corsage for your date

There are many aspects of choosing a corsage that you need to carefully consider before purchase. First, you need to consider the color of your date’s prom dress. It is also important to choose the right flower shape to go along with the dress shape.

Let us help you choose the ideal corsage for your prom date!

In order to ensure that your date will receive the ideal corsage, you need to plan ahead. At Elaine’s, we know that prom season is a busy time for students, and we want to make the process of choosing the best corsage easier for you. For prom flowers in Houston, call us at (713) 661-6788 or visit our location at 4782 Beechnut, Houston, Texas 77096.