Father’s Day Houston Flowers: To Buy or Not to Buy?

In the past few weeks, flower shops have been jumping at you to buy flowers for Father’s Day. Some people may be thinking to themselves, “Hm, that’s a pretty good idea” while others are thinking, “Flowers… for my dad?!” While some florists may try to convince you that all dads LOVE flowers, we at Elaine’s Florist prefer to take the honest approach. Flowers are not for all dads. There are plenty of fathers who would prefer going to a ball game or a cool DVD. But there are also plenty of fathers out there that would be touched by a surprise flower delivery or a cool potted plant. Here’s a few things we have noticed about getting your dad Houston flowers for father’s day:

Your Dad Has a Green Thumb

Father's Day Houston Flowers

Gardening with your dad is a great way to spend Father’s Day

If your dad enjoys gardening, then he will probably appreciate an elegant flower arrangement for Father’s Day. Moreover, many florists also have potted plants for sale if your dad wants to adopt a new plant. At Elaine’s, a florist can help you decide which seasonal plant is best for your dad’s garden and lifestyle.

Your Dad Has a Knack For Decorating

Even my dad – the eternal bachelor – likes have a flower arrangement or two in the house. Flower arrangements are great decorations for end tables and center pieces for dining and coffee tables. Moreover, Houston flowers smell wonderful and fill the air with a fragrant reminder of your love for your dad!

Your Dad is a Dad!!!

The most important part about Father’s Day is showing your dad that yo appreciate him. The fact that you took the time to surprise him with flowers will make him smile. If your dad is truly a dad, he will just be happy that you thought about him. And don’t forget to add a personal note to really express how much you love him!

If your dad fits under any of these categories, he will enjoy getting Houston flowers for Father’s Day. Call Elaine’s Florist at 713-661-6788 to ask about our Father’s Day specials.